Student Life Guide

Student Life Guide

AMBEX reserves the right to modify or add to standard policies, procedures, rules, regulations,and other content of this publication, without notice. This information was last updated April, 2014.

Introduction to AMBEX:

Worldview, Reformation and Renaissance

Why “Worldview, Reformation and Renaissance”?   We confess no nostalgia for an imagined pristine faith of the early church or the Reformers, for the church has always struggled in its mission and message in an antagonistic world.   Rather, our aim is to present a biblical/theological worldview that comprehends all things in light of the creating, sustaining, revealing, and redeeming work of our Triune God, toward a deeper love and walk with Christ our Savior, and a more assured and God-honoring defense and proclamation of the Gospel and His written word, the Bible.  This, by God’s grace, we will do in the rich historical setting of Germany and greater Europe, the land of the Reformation and Renaissance.

Arguments against God and His revealed truth change according to the prevailing philosophy of a given age, yet these arguments remain the same in principle:  although he is created and dependent upon God for all things, fallen man views his own interpretation of God and His world as ultimate and authoritative, usurping the place and prerogative of God.  Created to love, trust, and obey God, he has declared his supposed independence self-sufficiency.   He lacks no evidence of his Creator and his obligation to love and worship Him in gratitude, for all the universe declares His glory.  Indeed, creation, conscience, and God’s ongoing providence confront the would-be autonomous man at every turn, in every breath, rendering him without excuse.  Nonetheless, fallen man suppresses such truth in unrighteousness in the assertion of his supposed independence and authority.

As God created and upholds all things, we can do and know nothing apart from Him, for apart from God the world has no meaning or rational and coherent explanation (and we would not exist to discuss such things).  If God had not condescended to reveal Himself and give us the ability to receive and understand His revelation (both general and special revelation), we could know nothing of Him or His universe, for we depend on Him for life and knowledge.  Remove God as the ultimate explanation of all things and you remove all rational meaning in the universe.   Moreover, apart from redemption by the pure grace and righteousness of Christ, God’s explanation of the world will not be accepted or rightly understood, despite the fact that no other logical, rational, coherent, and meaningful worldview exists that can account for the universe as it is.

As Christians in a world in need of the love of God in Christ, we need a worldview reformation and renaissance.  A reformation for those of us that name the name of Christ that we might proclaim and defend the faith in a manner honoring to God as Creator and sustainer of the universe, whose revelation to us in the Bible is the ultimate authority in all things.  A renaissance for those who have yet to be reconciled to God through the redeeming work of Christ, for new life through union with Christ by faith is required for this worldview to be properly understood, and embraced.  For in Christ are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, through whom alone we can view God’s world correctly and worship Him in love, reverence, and truth.   This is God’s world, and as those created and dependent upon Him for all things, we must view His world His way.  This is the God-centered, God-honoring, God-dependent worldview that underlies and permeates our curriculum at AMBEX.

In closing, we posit no lofty goal in our mission of Worldview Reformation and Renaissance, as only God can change a sinful heart.  We are but unworthy and inadequate vessels called to be faithful.  And though our ministry includes outreach, our chief ministry is to each individual soul that graces the doors of AMBEX, a stewardship of a semester that, by God’s grace, will contribute to a lifetime of growth in the love, knowledge, defense, and proclamation of our great God and Savior.  God will take care of the world, and by His Word, Spirit, and grace in Christ, He will also take care of those entrusted to us.

Thank you for being a part of the AMBEX community.  Wherever God should lead you in service to Him, may He bless you richly as you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the AMBEX Community.

Yours in Christ,

The AMBEX Team


Mission Statement

In fidelity to Scripture and to the glory of the person and work of Jesus Christ our Savior, AMBEX exists to teach Christian students the vital historical and theological foundations of the Protestant, Evangelical Christian faith, through a personal, comprehensive, and life-changing in-class and on-the-road academic experience, and through involvement in the European missions activities of local churches in Regensburg, Germany, and central Europe.



In the fulfillment of its mission, AMBEX endeavors to accomplish four objectives:

1.  As a theological institution committed to a comprehensive, God-honoring biblical worldview, AMBEX seeks to teach all course content in light of God’s creating, ordering, and sustaining of all things.  As all of reality is dependent upon God and bears the conspicuous marks of His perfections, so also mankind is dependent upon God for a proper knowledge and understanding of His universe.

2.  As an academic extension of conservative Christian colleges and universities committed to Christian education, AMBEX seeks to benefit a select group partner schools by enhancing their appeal to prospective students, and by enriching the overall academic and spiritual experience of participating students.

3.  As a ministry committed to spiritual growth and maturity, AMBEX seeks to develop in students an increasing reverence of the greatness of God, a greater appreciation and understanding of their Christian heritage, and a growing attitude of gratitude for God’s infinite mercy and grace in Christ, in preparation for a life of faithful service to Christ in the church, society, and the world.

4.  As an extension of the church committed to the glory and honor of the person and redeeming work of Christ, AMBEX seeks to partner with ministries in Europe to involve students in the work of the Great Commission of Christ in modeling and sharing the Gospel of life to the local and greater European community.


Our Aims

•   To create in students an awareness of and an appreciation for the variety of peoples and cultures in Europe.

•   To help students understand the historical interweaving of religion, culture,

the arts, politics and economics in this region of the world.

•   To educate students concerning the contemporary political, economic,

religious, social and cultural structure of this country.

•   To provide students with an opportunity for experiential learning through social interaction and service projects.

“Keep teaching and helping the next generation to gain a godly knowledge of the world around them.”

—Jeanette Wallace


We want your experiences at AMBEX to be as meaningful and productive as possible.  Our goal as a Christian college is to produce an environment that builds a mature Christian walk in the lives of our members.  It is only possible to live, work and study in a community such as AMBEX’s if we set some guidelines and establish responsibilities.  This handbook contains practical information about your role, responsibilities, and rights while a student.  Our community expectations are based on biblical principles, our local church support, and responsiveness to Germany’s culture.  We recognize, however, that ultimately it is our love for Christ and our desire to please Him that will make the AMBEX community an exciting, joyful, caring, stimulating, and enriching place in which to grow and mature.

You could memorize this handbook and still not have a true sense of what AMBEX is about. This is because it is the people here who provide its vitality and express its true character.


Statement of Faith

The Scriptures

•   We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is inerrant in the original writings.

•   We believe that this divine inspiration extends equally to each word and to

all parts of the sixty-six canonical books.

•   We believe that all the Scriptures center on the Lord Jesus Christ, both the

Old and New Testament and that they are the believer’s sole authority.

•   We believe that Scripture is to be taken in its natural and literal sense,

recognizing the interpreter must not appeal to literary forms which cast

doubt on the reliability or the morality of the divine author of Scripture.

•   We believe that all Scriptures were designed for our practical instruction.

2 Tim. 3:15-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21, 3:15-16; I Cor. 2:13; John 14:26, 16:13, 17:17; Heb. 1:1-2.


The True God

•   We believe there is only one living and true God existing as three persons,

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

•   We believe that the members of the Godhead have the same nature and

attributes and are worthy of the same worship and honor.

•   We believe that the six day biblical account of the creation is neither

allegory nor myth, but a historical account of the miraculous acts of God

creating all that exists. All of creation was good before sin and death

entered it. God continues to sustain creation by His power and will

bring it to completion for His glory.

•   We believe that the Father is the source of all things and the one who sent

the Son as His gift into the world.

•   We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, eternal and equal with the

Father, born of the virgin Mary, and that He is both true God and true man.

•   We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures as a voluntary and substitutionary sacrifice.

•   We believe that Jesus Christ rose physically from the dead and ascended to

the right hand of the Father, where He is now ministering as our advocate and high priest.

•   We believe that Jesus Christ will receive us unto Himself at His coming and

will return to establish His millennial kingdom on earth.

•   We believe the Holy Spirit is a divine person who is co-equal with the Father

and Son and that He was active in creation, convicts the world of sin, reveals

Christ and baptizes all believers into the body of Christ at conversion along

with His work of indwelling, sealing, regenerating, empowering and gifting.

•   We believe that the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit were given only to the early

church for the primary purpose of authenticating its ministry.

John 4:24; Deut. 6:4; Gen. 1:1; Col. 2:9; Heb. 1:1-2; John 1:1, 14, 18; John 8:58; Phil. 2:5-8; I Peter 2:24, 3:18; Heb. 7:25; Matt. 28:19; 2 Cor. 13:14; Matt. 1:18-25; John 14:26, 16:7-14; Psa. 139:7-12; Acts 5:3,4; Rom 8:9; I Cor. 6:19, 12:8-10, 12:13; 2 Cor. 12:12.


Man and Sin

•   We believe that mankind was made by a direct work of God and from the

dust, apart from any existing forms of life. All humans are made in the

image of God and descended from Adam and Eve, the original created pair.

•   We believe in the sanctity of human life which begins at the point of conception.

•   We believe that all sexual relationships must pattern themselves after a

faithful heterosexual relationship within marriage.

•   We believe that man fell through sin, and, as a consequence, became dead in

trespasses and sins and became subject to the power of Satan.

•   We believe that sin has been transmitted to the entire human race so that

every child of Adam is born into the world with a fallen nature devoid of

spiritual life and no power to recover oneself from this condition.

Gen. 1:26-27; Rom. 3:1-24. 5:12-14.



•   We believe that salvation is entirely of God, by grace, through personal faith

in the blood of Christ, wholly apart from any human merit, works, or foreseen faith.

•   We believe that believers were chosen sovereignly by God before the

foundation of the world for salvation and are enabled by the Spirit to believe.

•   We believe that the divine nature and divine life are communicated to

believers by a supernatural work of the Spirit.

•   We believe that believers are justified before God in that their sins were

imputed to Christ and His righteousness was reckoned to them.

•   We believe that all believers were sanctified at the point of salvation and the believer is progressively brought closer to conformity to the holiness of God, a process culminating at the return of Christ.

•   We believe that all who are truly born again will be kept by Christ and will

persevere in faith unto the day of redemption.

Eph. 2:1-8; Titus 3:5-6; Acts 16:31; John 3:3-7; 2 Cor. 5:17; I Peter 1:23; 2 Peter 1:4; Eph. 1:4-11; 2 Thess. 2:13; Rom. 5:1; I Cor. 1:2; Phil. 1:6; Rom. 8:33-39; John 10:27-29.


The Church

•   We believe that all who are united to the risen and ascended Son of God are

members of the church which began on Pentecost.

•   We believe the local church is a congregation of immersed believers,

associated in the faith, stewardship of the gospel, and worship of God.

•   We believe that the local church has the absolute right of self government

free from the interference of any hierarchy of individuals or organizations.

•   We believe that the ordinances of the church are baptism by immersion as

the identifying symbol of one’s belief in Christ’s death and resurrection and

communion which is a commemoration of Christ’s death until He comes.

•   We believe the church has the responsibility to take the gospel message to all

nations of the earth and to be a voice for justice and truth in the world.

•   We believe in separation from all sinful practices and all spiritual apostasy.

2 Cor. 6:14; Matt. 7:15-16; Eph. 1:22-23. 4:11-12; I Cor. 11:23-28; I John 2:15-16. 4:1-3; 2 Cor. 5:20; Matt. 18:15-17; Acts 2:41-42; Matt. 16:18.



•   We believe angels are spirit beings created to serve and worship God.

•   We believe Satan was created holy but rebelled against the Creator,

involving numerous angels in his fall, and introducing sin to the human race

by the temptation of our first parents.

•   We believe Satan was defeated in the death of Christ and will be tormented eternally in the lake of fire.

•   We believe Satan’s control over Christians is limited to external influences which may be resisted by the believer.

Heb. 1:6; Rev. 5:11; Gen. 3:1-5; Matt. 4:1-11; Rev. 20:10


Future Events

•   We believe in the imminent coming of Jesus Christ for His church prior to

the tribulation period at which time all church saints will be raised, glorified and rewarded.

•   We believe that Christ will return at the end of the tribulation to set up the

millennial kingdom, to overthrow Satan, and to re-gather Israel to their

promised land according to the Old Testament promises.

•   We believe in the physical resurrection of all the dead; the saved to life

eternal, the unsaved to eternal judgment and separation from God in the lake of fire.

•   We believe the eternal state will begin following the judgment of the lost

with believers of all time enjoying God forever.

I Thess. 4:13-18; I Cor. 15:22-24; Rev. 1:5-7, 19:11-16. 20:1-7; John 5:22; Rom. 14:10-13; Rev. 21-22; John 14:1-3.



Core Curriculum

The following courses are designed to meet General Education or Upper Division (Major) requirements in expectation that every course/credit will be transferable to your sending school.  Check with your Registrar and Academic Advisor for transferability.   AMBEX reserves the right to cancel any course with too few students enrolled.  In that event, students may merge into an alternate course schedule at AMBEX’s discretion.


European Geography, Culture and Society                                                         (3 credits)

A 14-week course that orients students to the cultural and geographical setting of the Reformation and Renaissance.  Additionally, contemporary German and European geography, demography, government, society, culture, customs, politics, commerce and industry, education system(s), etc., will be addressed.  Students will visit churches, museums, libraries, schools, and other facilities both in Germany and in surrounding countries. Students will write about their experiences and design multi-media presentations to communicate what they have learned.  Content of the course will vary with planned travel.


Christian Worldview                                                                                           (3 credits)

An in-depth study of the nature and basis of a Christ-centered, God-honoring, comprehensive Christian worldview, with particular attention to the nature and interrelationship of biblical metaphysics (the nature of God, man, and all creation), epistemology (the nature, basis, and validity of knowledge), and ethics.  The nature, method, and sources of theology will be considered, with interaction, analysis, and critique of the fundamental bases of non-Christian worldviews.


Theology of Reformation                                                                                               (3 credits)

An examination and analysis of critical theological issues of the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, Protestant Evangelicalism, and modern theology, including the nature of God, man, sin, salvation, revelation, and the church, with consideration of the basis and nature of worldview (including the basis and nature of authority), to the development of different Christian and non-Christian theological views.


Art History of the Western World                                                                        (3 credits)

This course provides an introduction to the history and theory of the visual arts in Western culture from Pre-history to the present day. Christians should be wise in understanding the ways of the world, while being conscious to avoid imitating the world. This is especially complex in the field of study involving human culture, and the visual arts in particular. This course should help.  We will discuss the major artistic trends, artists, and works of each period, especially through a Christian lens. We will also discuss the historical and philosophical settings of each period. Students will learn artistic terminology and will be able to recognize major works of art of these periods. By the end of the course, students will be able to place art and artists within their respective social, political, philosophical and religious contexts. We will travel to Venice, Florence, and other locations, viewing significant works in museums such as the Uffizi in Florence as well as cathedrals and monasteries. The course will also count toward General Education requirements.


Modern European Literature                                                                               (3 credits)

Modern European Literature will study drama and fiction selections that reflect the changes in European thought from the fading of the Romantic Movement in the Nineteenth Century to the rise of Twentieth Century Existentialism, changes that reflect the influences of industrialism, the ideas of Darwin, Marx and Freud, and the political, emotional and spiritual devastation wrought by two World Wars, changes that include widespread rejection not only of Christian belief, but of a search for any sort of transcendent meaning for human existence.

In addition to some Keatsian odes to illustrate a Romantic attempt to experience some sort of transcendence, selected readings will include material from Scandinavian, French, German, Austrian, Swiss, and Romanian writers who gave up that kind of search and looked for meaning elsewhere.

As always, Christian readers come to our reading with the confidence of our understanding of our place in a world designed and redeemed by a God who knows us, loves us, and sustains us. This course will, in part, help us understand and feel what the world looks like and feels like to modern Western thinkers who have no such understanding or hope.


Academic Information


Regular class attendance is expected of all students.  Because AMBEX is committed to academic excellence, the classes are conducted in a manner that will contribute to this goal as well as the growth of Christian character.

Specific requirements about attendance and any effect that it might have upon grades rest with the class instructors, and will be described in the course syllabus.  Punctuality, attention and engagement are expected and appreciated in the classroom. Classroom behavior should reflect AMBEX’s Standard of Conduct as outlined in this handbook.


Classroom Conduct

Classroom behavior should reflect AMBEX’s Standard of Conduct.  Punctuality, attention, and engagement are always expected and appreciated.  All electronic devices/internet use (cell phones, social media etc.) must be turned/kept off in the classroom unless instructor approval has been given.  Instructors will inform students of additional expectations (dress, food, participation, etc.) for each class in the course syllabus.  Expectations may vary from instructor to instructor and students are expected to know and conform to the expectations as outlined by the instructor.


Computers and Classwork

Much of AMBEX’s class work makes it necessary for students to have access to a computer and applicable software.  Students are expected to bring their own laptops with necessary attachments (check with your manufacturer for details)  as well as a flash drive for transferring files.


Disabilities Policy

In compliance with and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) it is the policy of AMBEX to work with students and offer reasonable accommodation for physical, psychological, or learning-based disabilities. AMBEX offers a variety of supportive services that facilitate access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Documentation of an existing disability is required. Students with disabilities should inform the Director of AMBEX as well as the AMBEX professors who will help coordinate disability services and can assist you in making arrangements for necessary academic support. Students are encouraged to contact the director/professors as early as possible to request services. Disability discrimination appeals will be handled according to the Student Life Appeals process.



Final grades are determined by evaluating the total educational experience (assignments, examinations, and attendance).  Your grades are available to you at the end of your term abroad and will be mailed to your home institution.  If you believe there is a computation or bookkeeping error, you may bring it to the instructor’s attention.



Your academic work is evaluated on the assumption that the work presented is your own.  Faculty and students are expected to identify departures from academic honesty.  Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to the following:

Cheating:  Intentional use or attempted use of deception, fraud, or misrepresentation in one’s academic work.

Fabrication:  Falsification or invention of any information or citation in any academic exercise.

Facilitating dishonesty:  Helping or attempting to help another commit an act of academic dishonesty, including substituting for others in examinations or allowing one’s own papers, reports or any other academic work to be claimed by another.

Plagiarism:  Representing without giving credit the words, data, or ideas of another as one’s own work in any academic exercise.  This includes submitting, in whole or part, prewritten term papers or the research of another, including materials sold or distributed by commercial vendors.

AMBEX’s goal is to nurture integrity and character development in the student.  Therefore, as part of the response to cheating, the instructor and student shall meet with the student’s advisor to determine appropriate action.  Penalties may include an “F” on an individual paper or exam, a final grade of “F” in a course, loss of campus position or employment, disciplinary probation, removal from extracurricular activities, and suspension.  A student who feels that a specific penalty is unfair may appeal to the director.


Academic Tours & Independent Travel


Academic Travel:


Christian Worldview – Concentration Camp Memorials, City Tour, Museums etc.

Weimar, Flossenbürg, Buchenwald

This tour takes students to two concentration camp memorials as well as the historically rich city of Weimar. The city was a focal point of the German Enlightenment and home of the leading characters of the literary genre, Goethe and Schiller, as well as the composer Franz Liszt and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. (3 days)


Land of Luther & Germanic History — Museums, Cathedrals, Castles, etc.

Berlin, Wittenberg, Dresden, Eisenach, Mainz, Worms, Heidelberg.

This tour highlights the life of Martin Luther and takes students on a hands-on journey through Germanic history contrasting to modern history and problems. This area is rich in reformation history, classical music and art and philosophy. (8 days)


Art History Tour – Museums, Cathedrals, Palaces, Monasteries, etc.

Salzburg – Austria, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre — Italy

This tour begins with a weekend in the charming city of Salzburg, Austria where students have the option of participating in AMBEX’s very own Sound of Music tour. It then moves south to Venice, Florence, Pisa and Cinque Terre Italy where students are introduced to the great masters of the Italian and European schools of art including sculpting and architecture. (9 days)


Independent Travel:

AMBEX students typically are in class Monday through Friday – two of every three weeks.  The third week “Travel-Study week” allows students to travel with their textbook(s) for a week preceding the two weeks of lecture that are part of every course.  In other words students have approximately three individual weeks to travel in Germany and around Europe on their own or with their classmates.  Students are expected to return in time for services on Sunday, which is reserved for worship, service and fellowship at a local evangelical church.

A “Bayern” train pass allows five students to travel anywhere in Bavaria, Germany’s largest and most scenic state, for approximately $12 per day.  Students can travel to Munich, Garmisch, Berchtesgaden, any number of beautiful castles, monasteries, churches, museums all within Bayern.  Students can stay overnight in Student Hostels (Bed & Breakfast) for usually about $25/night.  Munich & Nurnberg airports are easily reached by train from Regensburg.  Students may also fly to London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Athens etc., for sometimes as little as $150 round trip. The AMBEX Staff will assist students with travel opportunities and choices.

Many destinations are easily accessible via train from Regensburg, including:

•   Nurnberg [Durer] (1.5 hours)

•   Rothenburg (2 hours)

•   Munich [Dachau](1 hour)

•   Augsburg [Luther, Fugger] (3 hours)

•   Heidelberg, Worms, Mainz (4 hours)

•   Dresden [Frauen Kirche, Zwinger Art Exhibit] (3 hours)

•   The Black Forest (3 hours)

•   Salzburg, Austria (4 hours)

•   Prague, Czech Republic [Hus] (4 hours)


Signing In/Out

Traveling throughout Europe is fun and exciting, but unexpected layovers, delays, and accidents may occasionally happen. As a safety precaution, students leaving the city of Regensburg for any length of time are expected to sign out with the AMBEX Staff prior to departure, listing intended destination, time of return and submitting a copy of your travel itinerary.

Students are expected to return to Regensburg on Saturday, so as not to miss out on local church activities on Sunday. If you find yourself unable to return by the intended date, you should contact the AMBEX Staff to explain the situation.



Spiritual growth includes knowledge and application, both love of God and love of neighbor. Both in and outside of the classroom, AMBEX facilitates a rich variety of activities that are integral to the overall learning experience of the Semester Abroad program.

Activities outside of the classroom provide opportunities for spiritual growth in the practical application of truth learned in the classroom.  Students will be encouraged to utilize their gifts in serving others during their semester abroad, to be vessels in the Lord’s hand to reach the heart of our German, American, Slavic, and Moslem neighbors. Activities for rest and relaxation will also be available.  Some of the scheduled activities include:

•   German-American University Outreach (Connection)

•   School and Dorm Open House — Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Cake & Cookies

•   Travel and Excursions

•   Recreation — Volksmarching (hiking), Bicycling, Canoeing

•   Sports & Athletics Exchange – Baseball, Soccer, Ping Pong, etc.

•   Games — Indoor and Outdoor, Movie Nights etc.


Regensburg Area Church Ministries

Active involvement in local Regensburg area churches is designed to assist you in the purposeful integration of faith, learning and serving and is a requirement of the semester abroad program. It provides opportunities to increase your awareness of the needs of others, to share the love of Christ in practical ways on a foreign field, and to grow as a servant leader.

The primary goals of the church service are to provide you with experiences that will complement the educational process, to open doors to new opportunities in areas of service connected with your spiritual gifting, skills and interests, to encourage the exploration of cross-cultural ministry and to develop within you the habits of servant leadership. Our goal is that your service in Regensburg will translate into a lifetime of serving others.

Soon after arriving, students will be able to pair up with a local church.  AMBEX students will have considerable impact and dividends as they apply their knowledge, skills, abilities and heart to children, spouses, single soldiers, outreach efforts, etc., and practical use e.g. facility and grounds maintenance, etc.  The following churches (with language of services) provide opportunities for fellowship and ministry:


Lifestream Church, Regensburg

Open Door Church, Regensburg


Student Conduct, Rights, & Responsibilities


Standard Of Conduct

A major purpose of AMBEX is to promote personal growth. AMBEX seeks to provide the instruction and atmosphere essential for you to develop spiritual maturity.  We assume that since you have chosen to attend a Christian college, you desire to live a godly life.

In this section of the handbook we outline the expectations AMBEX has regarding your behavior.  We also outline the action AMBEX will take when expectations and standards are violated.

It is our hope that the motivating force of all your actions is the love of God, rather than the desire to please people or the fear of punishment (Colossians 3:23).  Thus motivated, you will express the highest standards of conduct in all your relationships.  Your love for truth will lead you to avoid all forms of lying, deceitfulness and cheating.  You will respect law and authority in general as well as the government and its officials.  You will obey them when consistent with Scripture and perform the duties of good citizens.  You should manifest allegiance to the Body of Christ by faithful attendance at the services of a local church and by participation in its ministries.  Your respect for the property of others will restrain you from stealing and from careless or reckless use of others’ possessions.  A sense of dignity of human life will prevent you not only from willfully or carelessly causing harm to another, but also from destroying the reputation of another through malicious gossip.  You will observe the Scriptural injunctions of love, obedience, and fidelity at all times.  You will show proper respect for your body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, by abstaining from immorality and practices harmful to the body. This respect will extend to your attitude toward the treatment of other persons.

In questions of doubtful activities, certain broad scriptural principles are useful for guiding conduct.  First of all, as a Christian you will consider that the rights of others are more important than your own; you will realize that inner righteousness surpasses any external law or constraint and that your scale of values emphasizes the positive good rather than a mere abstinence from evil; and you will govern your actions and do what leads to peace, what edifies others, and what glorifies God (Romans 14:19).

In light of scriptural principles, AMBEX expects its faculty, staff and student body to refrain from certain practices in contemporary culture which are offensive to the weak Christian conscience.  We also expects that in matters of entertainment its faculty, staff and students will exercise discretion and restraint in all choices.


Conduct Guidelines

AMBEX recognizes that Scripture does not speak directly to every social practice or circumstance, but we believe the Scriptures provide us with principles so that whatever we do will bring glory to God.

In setting down the following guidelines, we is aware of two things. First, rules and regulations alone will never develop your character or cause spiritual maturity. Only the work of Christ in your heart and your submission to His truth will do that.  Second, we are not able to write enough rules to cover every circumstance.  Keep in mind that our goal is not to put you into a “social straight jacket,” but rather to help you make wise, constructive choices so you can experience the joy of a Christ-centered life.  The following guidelines are an attempt to communicate AMBEX’s community standards on various matters.  They in no way release you from your responsibility to remain sensitive to God and to be accountable for your own decisions and behavior.

As an introduction to our guidelines, the following questions should be considered whenever making choices regarding your conduct.

1.  Will this violate the revealed will of God?

2.  Will this demonstrate good stewardship of time and resources?

3.  Will this positively affect my pursuit of a Christ-like lifestyle and development of Christian character?

4.  Will this positively affect my brothers and sisters in their pursuit of a

Christ-like lifestyle and development of their Christian character?

5.  Will this provide an opportunity for Satan to get a stronghold in any area of my life?

6.  Will this meet the expectations of the AMBEX community (fellow students, faculty, and staff)?

7.  Will this uphold the integrity, values, and mission of AMBEX?


Faculty and staff will help clarify the program’s guidelines, and if necessary, counsel you regarding appropriateness in matters of conduct, rights and responsibilities.

While you may not have personal convictions wholly in accord with AMBEX’s standards, when you choose to attend AMBEX, you are voluntarily pledging to uphold them.  To demonstrate your commitment, during the process of registration you sign a contract stating you will uphold these standards while associated with the program.

When it is known you are making choices inconsistent with these guidelines, members of the staff will follow up and challenge you to think through the rationale behind them.  When the guidelines are blatantly disregarded, counsel will be followed by disciplinary action.  It is expected that you will be cooperative and understanding when approached by staff members on these issues.  The Student Life staff has ultimate responsibility for determining what falls outside the discernment guidelines.  “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Colossians 3:17).


Church Attendance

Active participation in a local, evangelical church should be a normal part of the Christian walk and is expected by AMBEX.  Active participation begins with weekly attendance at services scheduled by that church. Part of your time commitment in Germany is dedicated to Christian service in Regensburg’s nearby evangelical churches.

Being active in the body of Christ through local church involvement is very important to your spiritual growth.  We expect that your education at AMBEX is going to prepare you for Christian service somewhere in the world.  Most certainly you will be getting involved in local church settings after you graduate.  We encourage you to apply your education even now and get involved in a local church while a member of the AMBEX community (Hebrews 10:25).

While weekend travel is expected and encouraged, students attending AMBEX should plan to be in Regensburg for church services every Sunday.



Computer technology brings with it the potential for abuse, whether intentional or otherwise.  It is important to be a careful steward of your time, use these tools in moderation, and not allow them to dominate your life.  In addition, you must exercise discernment regarding the content that you access, download, or view such as: questionable chat rooms, pornography, warez, or any other kind of inappropriate material.


General Acceptable Use Policies

•   Every user is personally responsible for his or her computer and its activities at all times.

•   We reserve the right to inspect any and all files stored in private areas of our network.

•   Sexually explicit material may not be displayed, archived, stored, distributed, edited or recorded using our network or computing resources.

•   Use of any AMBEX resources for illegal activity is grounds for immediate

dismissal, and we will cooperate with any legitimate law enforcement activity.

•   No person may use AMBEX facilities to knowingly download or distribute pirated software or data.

•   No person may use AMBEX facilities to propagate any virus, worm, Trojan horse, or trap-door program code.

•   No person may upload any software licensed to AMBEX or data owned

or licensed by AMBEX without explicit authorization.


Crisis Intervention Policy

AMBEX is committed to helping you if you are dealing with problems or circumstances that interfere with your ability to function as a student, are struggling to live harmoniously within the AMBEX community, or are presenting a danger to yourself or others.  While we are not prepared to provide long-term help in these circumstances, we can help you through the immediate crisis and ensure that adequate care is arranged.

Crisis situations may include, but are not limited to the following: victims of abuse, depression (especially caused by culture shock and home-sickness), anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies or attempts, and self-injury.

Student Life personnel should be contacted whenever you are in crisis or when you sense another student is in crisis.  Parents and/or other college personnel will be contacted as deemed appropriate.

The severity of the crisis will determine the next course of action.  At the very least, you will be assessed to determine current needs.  If this assessment indicates you are able to function independently (i.e., take medication as prescribed, maintain regular class and chapel attendance, take care of yourself physically, and safely reside in the residence hall) in the AMBEX environment, you will be allowed to continue as a student and reside in campus housing if applicable.

In most instances where counseling is recommended or required, AMBEX can provide confidential short-term counseling at no cost.  Long-term counseling will be referred to appropriate professionals within the community for evaluation and further consultation.  The therapy will be at your expense. A signed release of information, regular progress reports and confirmation of counseling appointments must be provided from the professional until such time as the counselor releases you from therapy.

In extreme instances it may be necessary for you to withdraw from school, even against your will.  In these instances, both your rights and the responsibilities of AMBEX will be taken into consideration.



The development of wholesome friendships, good dating habits, and acceptable social manners is a vital part of your Christian growth.  It is important that you conduct yourself, both publicly and privately, in such a way that you do not offend your fellow believers, nullify your testimony, or become involved in inappropriate activity.  You are expected to refrain from moral impurity.  All sexual relationships should be within the context of a faithful heterosexual marriage (I Thessalonians 4:3-8, I Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21).


Dress and Appearance

Climate:  Germany has a typical, four-season climate with warmer summers, cool and often rainy springs and autumns, and colder, snowy or rainy winters. Depending on the time of year you stay in Germany, it is best to be prepared with outerwear, including coats, scarves, and gloves.

Footwear:  Most Europeans spend a lot more time on foot than the average American. The American custom of driving to every destination is simply not plausible; many areas are zoned for pedestrians only and you will be expected to walk often. Be sure that you have comfortable shoes that have been broken in to accommodate traveling by foot. Flip flops or heels may be fine for a bit of light walking, but you will find they are impractical for being on your feet all day, regardless of how comfortable they are.

General Clothing:  German attire is similar to American attire, and AMBEX expects you to be modest and socially appropriate in dress and appearance.  Although you may not always be aware of it, the way you dress projects an image and can affect the way people see you, your values, and the organizations you represent.  AMBEX desires an image that is conservative, professional, and committed to excellence, and we ask you to dress in a way that projects that image.  The image desired can include casual dress, but casual attire need not be sloppy, tasteless, or provocative.  In some instances clothing acceptable in the residence halls is not appropriate in public.  A clean and neat appearance is expected of all students.


While there are many principles in scripture to consider when selecting clothes, there seems to be one principle that serves as an umbrella for all others — the principle of modesty. If you do not violate the principle of modesty, you generally will not violate the other principles seen in scripture which we apply to clothing.

Modesty reflects discretion, allowing one’s character, and not a specific body part, to be the center of attention. Additionally, modesty preserves a godly relationship with one’s current/potential spouse and prevents placing a stumbling block before fellow Christians, male and female alike. Most importantly, modesty separates Christians from an ungodly society.

How do you gauge the modesty of your garments (e.g. how short is too short, how low is too low, how tight is too tight)?


Review the following scriptures identified with biblical modesty.  (I Tim 2:9-10; Proverbs 31:22; Matthew 18:6-10; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, 23-24; Galatians 5:13-25; Philippians 2:1-11). Ask yourself if you are violating any of these principles. Err on the side of modesty – if there is a potential to becoming a stumbling block to another individual or potential to offend another believer, avoid the clothing completely. A godly man/woman defers his/her preferences (and yes, even rights to wear certain clothes) because she is more concerned about others.


Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

Since Scripture admonishes us to refrain from harmful practices, AMBEX students may not use, possess, manufacture, distribute, or disperse tobacco (including chewing tobacco), alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while associated with the program (I Corinthians 6:19-20, 10:31, Proverbs 20:1).  AMBEX will refuse admission to applicants who evidence difficulties in these areas.  In addition, students who exhibit such problems or who are suspected of using illegal drugs or abusing the use of medicinal drugs will be asked to submit to testing, counseling, and/or disciplinary action.



Any entertainment that is morally degrading or in violation of biblical values is not acceptable to the AMBEX family.  We expect you to avoid unwholesome environments and to abstain from participation in forms of entertainment that are contrary to a life of righteousness.  Our desire is not to provide a list of rules for every occasion, but to encourage a Christ-like focus in whatever you say or do.  Our goal is personal growth and holiness and you are expected to use discretion regarding all activities.  In addition, you must always be aware of offending the unsaved, causing the weak to stumble, and putting yourself in situations which are morally compromising.  In all things seek to uphold the integrity and image of We and to glorify the Lord (I Thessalonians 5:21).

Dance:  You must carefully and thoughtfully evaluate all forms of dance.  You should not participate in dancing that is sexually suggestive, involves excessive body contact, compromises personal integrity, or offends others.  You must also avoid environments which condone and promote inappropriate alcohol and all drug use, profanity, immorality, or an ungodly lifestyle.

Gambling:  Students are expected to refrain from any inappropriate participation in gambling that invites addictive, destructive or divisive behaviors.

Movies/Television/Videos:  Based on the guidelines in this handbook you are to exercise discernment in all media entertainment.  As a discerning believer you must consider content as well as the point of view or judgments that are made regarding certain issues.  Subjects like racism or immorality may be portrayed in a program, but consideration should be given to whether the subject is ultimately celebrated or recognized as destructive.  AMBEX considers programs or movies that promote sexual misconduct, justify wrong actions, or desensitize you to destructive behavior as unacceptable.  It is expected that you will accept responsibility for your choices and not impose inappropriate viewing on others or allow them to impose it on you.  All NC-17 (X) rated entertainment is prohibited.  Movies with an R rating should be avoided.  Exceptions to this would include movies selected for their educational and historical perspectives when careful judgment is applied. Movies rated G, PG13, or not rated, must also be carefully evaluated as often the philosophy and content violate Christian values.

Music:  You are responsible to listen to radio programs and recordings that are in harmony with Christian standards.  The feelings of your roommates and other students must be considered both in selecting music and the volume at which it is played.

Printed Materials:  You must apply scriptural values when choosing printed and artistic materials.  It is a violation of biblical principles to view pornographic materials that degrade or exploit the human body and circumvent God’s design for human sexual fulfillment.  Sexually suggestive or explicit photographs, off-color words or pictures on clothing, inappropriate posters or magazines, or offensive album, CD or cassette covers, are also in violation of values presented in Scripture and therefore are unacceptable for AMBEX students.


Harassment Or Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of AMBEX that employees and students have the right to work and study in an environment free of harassment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or physical disability (I Peter 2:17, James 2:1, Romans 15:1). AMBEX provides educational programs to promote awareness of rape, acquaintance rape and other sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible). Confidential counseling services are available from a counselor on campus and/or from off-campus mental health professionals.  While harassment may take many forms and determination of what constitutes harassment will vary according to the particular circumstances, there is no place at AMBEX for conduct that diminishes, uses, or abuses employees or students, regardless of the working relationships or supervisory status.

Sexual Harassment:  In 1980 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidelines defining sexual harassment and recognizing it as a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  According to the guidelines, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment, intimidation, or exploitation if:

a.  submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition

of employment or education

b.  is a basis for employment or educational decisions affecting the individual

c.  such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an

individual’s work or academic performance

d.  such conduct has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile,

or offensive working or academic environment.


Trust and respect are diminished when those in positions of authority abuse or appear to abuse their power.  Thus, we strongly discourages romantic relationships between employees and students or between supervisors and employees.

The procedure for reporting sexual harassment violations is the same as for other Harassment and Discrimination violations as described below.

Sexual Assault:  Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact.  It is an extreme form of sexual harassment and will be considered a serious offense.  Detention, physical abuse, rape, sexual assault, or conduct intended to threaten imminent bodily harm or endanger the health of any person is not allowed.

It is wrong and illegal, for anyone to have any form of sexual contact with you without your consent. The law defines consent as positive cooperation in act or attitude as a result of exercising your free will. Consent may not be inferred from silence or passivity. A current or previous relationship does not constitute consent. Consent may not be legally given if you are underage, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if you are physically or mentally incapacitated.

AMBEX strongly encourages any person who has been sexually assaulted either on or off campus to report the incident to Student Life. Any use of threat or force to obtain sexual contact is illegal and should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement officials. It is important that any evidence for the proof of a criminal offense be preserved. If you are the victim of rape, acquaintance rape or other sex offenses, you are encouraged to first get medical attention from a hospital.  If requested, AMBEX personnel will assist you in contacting the local police to assist in obtaining specialized help, answer questions and provide other support.


Harassment or Discrimination Reporting Procedure

If you experience any type of harassment or discrimination, you should take the following steps.

Step 1:  Be responsible to inform the offending person that his or her behavior is unwelcome, offensive, or inappropriate.  It is important to state clearly that the harassment is not wanted and should be stopped at once.  If the problem is resolved satisfactorily, no further action may be necessary.  If you are uncomfortable confronting the offending party, you may proceed directly to Step 2.

Step 2:  When the harassment first begins, or after you have already tried to deal with the problem, you may choose to discuss the problem informally with your Residence Director, Student Life, or Church Leader, or another trusted faculty/staff person. This should be done as soon as possible after the alleged incident. These discussions will be handled in a professional and confidential manner. If appropriate, an attempt will be made to resolve the problem through informal procedures. One such procedure is for you to send a letter to the offending party giving a factual account of what happened, a description of how you feel about what happened, and outlining what you want to happen now. You should be aware that even at this informal stage, anyone advised of a harassment complaint must immediately notify the Director. Whether or not you file a formal complaint and/or reach a resolution, a formal investigation and appropriate actions may be taken to prevent any further unlawful or unwanted discrimination or sexual harassment.

Step 3:  If informal efforts are unsatisfactory, you may contact Student Life and make a formal complaint detailing the nature of the incident(s) and the desired solution.  Upon receipt of the written complaint, Student Life will inform the accused of the nature of the complaint and allow time for a response.  AMBEX may initiate disciplinary action and impose sanctions as it deems appropriate. If you desire to change class schedule or living situations subsequent to an alleged sexual incident, assistance will be provided to the extent that other options are reasonably available. You and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during an institutional disciplinary proceeding.  Both you and the accused will be informed of the final determination of any institutional discipline resulting from an alleged offense.

Step 4:  If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may appeal in writing. AMBEX will not tolerate retaliation of any kind against you based upon your allegations regarding harassment or discrimination. Allegations of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are potentially very serious to the person or persons charged, and while such allegations should be made whenever warranted, they should be made accurately and truthfully. We will not tolerate retaliation of any kind against you based upon your allegations regarding harassment or discrimination.



You are expected to refrain from all forms of dishonest practices including lying, cheating and stealing, (Ephesians 4:25).



You are expected to refrain from gossip, swearing, inappropriate slang and profanity.  Offensive remarks regarding race, gender, age, or ethnicity are not acceptable (Ephesians 4:29, 5:4, James 5:12, Psalm 19:14).


Media Statements

The Director serves as official spokesperson for AMBEX.  In his absence Student Life acts as the spokesperson. No other employees, students, or members of the Board of Trustees may represent AMBEX or make statements to the media that represent, or could be construed to represent, the views of the program.  All media inquiries for interviews, editorials, or information are to be routed through the Director.


Respect For Facilities

AMBEX is proud of its campus and facilities.  As a member of this community, be responsible to not litter, deface property, or pollute the environment.  Student lounges, the classroom, and other common areas are semi-public and should be neat at all times.


Respect For Others

Because Scripture warns against showing favoritism (James 2:1) and asks that Christians “show proper respect to everyone” (I Peter 2:17a), you are asked to treat one another with honor and to acknowledge that each individual is created in the image of God and has inherent worth.  It is our desire to develop an environment in which differences are respected and valued.  Each person has dignity, and to diminish the dignity of one is to diminish the dignity of all.  Differences are celebrated within the context of our biblical beliefs.  AMBEX specifically asks that you not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age or physical disability.



All telephone conversations should reflect a Christ-like attitude and respect for others. An international calling card is a good choice and can be used from any phone abroad.  You may also want to look into an international cell phone policy for your stay.


NOTE:  AMBEX provides European Cell Phones to all students.  It is each student’s responsibility to maintain sufficient pre paid minutes to make/receive emergency phone calls.  AMBEX staff will show students how to purchase and load pre paid minutes.


Violent Act Policy

Nothing is more important to AMBEX than the safety and security of its employees and students.  Threats, threatening behavior, or acts of violence against any person, or destruction of property by anyone on college property will not be tolerated (Matthew 22:37-39, Proverbs 3:31).

Any person who makes threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent action on college property may be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits. If removed, restrictions regarding campus use may be imposed, pending the outcome of an investigation.  AMBEX’s response to incidents of violence may include, but is not limited to, disciplinary action, suspension or termination of enrollment, or business relationship; reassignment of job duties; or criminal prosecution of those involved.  Appropriate discipline cannot be determined in advance and any acts will be evaluated on the existing circumstances for decisive and appropriate action.

All employees, associates and students are expected to take appropriate action or make decisions that may prevent a threat from being carried out, a violent act from occurring, or a life-threatening situation from developing.

All personnel (employees and/or students) are responsible for notifying a supervisor or Student Life of any threats they have witnessed, received or been told that another person has witnessed or received.



As a member of the AMBEX community, you are expected to conduct yourself in accordance with the regulations of the program and Germany’s state and federal laws, which will be discussed at length during Orientation.  If you violate regulations, you face the possibility of disciplinary action.  Two principles underlie the disciplinary efforts at AMBEX and in the residence hall system.  First, disciplinary action is aimed at producing growth and maturity in your life.  Second, every effort is made to encourage you to assume responsibility for your own behavior.  In addition, as disciplinary actions are considered, we are mindful of our responsibilities to uphold the Christian standards of AMBEX and to create an environment that is safe and wholesome, and that encourages spiritual growth for the whole student body.  We want our disciplinary action to be biblical in nature, design and purpose (Matthew 18:15-18, James 5:19-20, Galatians 6:1-2, Hebrews 12:11).

In order to maintain consistency, specific guidelines exist regarding disciplinary action.  However, each disciplinary referral is handled on an individual basis.


Seeking Help To Grow And Change

If you know your behavior is outside the limits established by AMBEX and/or God’s Word, and wish assistance in changing this behavior, you may take the initiative to discuss it with a Resident Director or Student Life without threat of disciplinary action.  A problem of this nature is defined as a “personal problem,” and the staff member will work with you toward restoration possibly through the creation of a Growth Agreement, which is a non-disciplinary mentoring agreement. (Galatians 6:1, 2).  Exceptions may be where behavior is repetitive, self-destructive, hazardous to others, or involves a significant legal issue in which AMBEX is obligated to uphold the law.


Confronting One Another

Any community that ignores problem behavior in effect condones it.  Ignoring problem behavior not only gives tacit approval to the behavior but, biblically speaking, is withholding love from that individual.

In this light, if you believe a fellow student is behaving in an unacceptable manner, you should go directly to that person and express your concern about the behavior and about the consequences it might bring to the community and/or to the individual.  The community expectations should be clarified and the student should be asked if he or she is willing to agree to change the offending behavior.  If there is a positive response and the behavior changes, the problem is resolved (Matthew 18:15).

If your confrontation does not solve the problem, or there is a continuing pattern of harmful behavior, you should encourage the student to seek assistance from a Student Life staff member.  If the student takes the initiative to seek help, it will be handled as a “personal problem” as described in the previous paragraph unless there is continued complaint from the community (Matthew 18:16).

If the student does not take the initiative to seek help, the best response is to let the student know that you yourself have a responsibility to contact Student Life.  It is fair for you to explain to the student that, depending upon the issue, at that point it could become a disciplinary issue.  This will probably not be an easy step for you to take, but it may be the most loving thing you could do.

”Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs 27:5, 6).


Discipline Process

Discipline issues will be dealt with at the lowest level possible and the discipline process will include the following steps.

Confrontation:  When it has come to the attention of AMBEX that a student is making choices inconsistent with the program guidelines, members of the Student Life staff will confront the student and give the student an opportunity to respond.

Investigation:  The student involved, as well as faculty members, staff members, and other students who might have relevant information will be questioned.

Course of Action:  The Student Life staff will meet with the student to inform him or her of the allegations and to notify the student of AMBEX’s intended course of action.  In case of citizenship probation or dismissal, disciplinary decisions are presented to the student in writing.


Disciplinary Sanctions

Possible disciplinary sanctions include the following:

Warnings and Fines:  Warnings and fines are given when it is necessary to remind students of their commitment to community standards of AMBEX.  Students whose attitude and actions continue to be inconsistent with community expectations may face more stringent disciplinary measures.

Accountability:  AMBEX may deem it necessary for the student to establish an accountability relationship with an AMBEX-chosen mature student or staff member. A signed accountability contract may be required to outline mutually agreed-upon goals.

Community Service:  Community service provides opportunities for students to get a better understanding of why their behavior is inconsistent with AMBEX’s standards.  This may be accomplished through work, research, and/or reflection assignments.

Citizenship Probation:  When there has been a serious breach of standards, a student will be subject to Citizenship Probation.  Probation provides the student with an opportunity to show a positive change in attitude and conduct in order to continue as a student at AMBEX.  The student is required to sign an agreement to perform faithfully the terms of the probation or face potential dismissal from AMBEX.  A signed copy of the agreement is given to the student.  A copy is kept on file in the Student Life Office and a copy may be sent to the student’s parents.

Dismissal:  When a student violates AMBEX’s regulations, it is sometimes necessary to recommend dismissal. Recommendations for dismissal are presented to the Director for consideration. A student who is uncooperative or evidences a spirit unsympathetic with the standards and ideals of the program is viewed by the AMBEX family as one who is choosing not to be here.  A dismissal may also result from actions that are viewed as having a harmful or negative influence upon other students or upon the testimony of an AMBEX staff member.  A student who is dismissed will be asked to return immediately to the States. A portion of the student’s remaining tuition and fees will be used to purchase a ticket home on behalf of the student. As a general rule, tuition and housing refunds will not be granted upon dismissal.  Students who are dismissed must leave the campus as soon as a return flight can be booked and following notification of dismissal. Dismissed students must take all of their personal belongings with them and incur all expenses.


Parent Notification Of Disciplinary Action

The Student Life Office will work with students to ensure that parents are notified of dismissals or major disciplinary actions.


Student Life Appeals Process

If you wish to appeal a Student Life decision or sanction, you must initiate the appeals process within two working days.  Appeals must be submitted in writing to Student Life.  Appeals will only be heard for the following purposes:


1.  To determine whether the original decision was made fairly in light of the charges and evidence presented.

2.  To determine whether the facts of the case were sufficient to establish that a violation of AMBEX’s standards occurred.

3.  To determine whether the sanctions imposed were unduly arbitrary or unjustified.

4.  To consider significant and relevant new evidence.


Student Life may deny consideration of an appeal that does not meet the above criteria.

Appeals regarding most disciplinary, personal, or residence hall issues will be considered by Student Life.  You may address Student Life, but may not be present for the deliberation.  The decision of Student Life will be given to you in writing and will stand.


Campus Safety

AMBEX is a private institution, and despite our desire to welcome members of the community to our campus, we must put the safety of AMBEX’s students and employees above all else.  It is important for students to recognize that the presence of uninvited individuals on campus and in the residence hall presents a potential safety risk.  Therefore, we ask all students, faculty and staff to report any strange or suspicious activities to security personnel or the Student Life Office, or if necessary, to the “Polizei” local city police department.


AMBEX provides European Cell Phones to all students.  It is each student’s responsibility to maintain sufficient pre paid minutes to make/receive emergency phone calls.  AMBEX staff will show students how to purchase and load pre paid minutes.


Non-motorized Vehicles

(such as bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters, roller skates, etc.)

Guidelines:  Use common sense when operating such non-motorized vehicles around town.  Users should demonstrate good judgment and courtesy around other people so as not to risk the safety of either the user or the pedestrians in the area.


AMBEX discourages students from Renting vehicles.  Driving in Europe is much different than in the US.  Even a minor accident or infraction can severely impair your semester and that of you classmates/cohort.  Why take the risk, only to save a few dollars.  If you decide otherwise and  rent a vehicle AMBEX offers/mandates that student(s) take a modified European drivers safety course from our staff, but  takes no responsibility for the outcome.



•   Use caution when running or walking alone.

•   Do not run or walk on the roadway, but rather on the side.

•   Density traffic areas and should be avoided.

•   Vary the times and places you walk or run.


Emergency Medical Assistance

All emergency situations on campus should be reported to the Resident Director.  If it is after regular office hours and a Resident Director is not available, contact the appropriate emergency response team. Emergency phone numbers are posted throughout the facilities.


Hazing and Pranks

You are encouraged to have fun and to enjoy your time on campus.  To ensure a good time for everyone, hazing and pranks which go beyond good-natured fun or which harm, or have the potential to harm individuals or personal or college property are not acceptable.  Students should not tamper with others’ personal possessions.



Regensburg Germany, is generally a friendly community that welcomes American students. However whether in Germany or in other parts of the world, several safety precautions need to be addressed. Following is a list of common-sense measures you can take to make your time overseas a little more secure.


1.  Avoid areas that are under- or un-lit, appear to be unsafe, or have been recognized as areas of danger (i.e. travel warnings have been issued for the area by the U.S. Department of State). You can protect yourself and your belongings best by simply avoiding trouble before it starts.

2.  Listen to your parents’ and AMBEX staff advice. If either have deep-seated concerns about your choice in travel destination or activity, you would do well to heed those concerns. A perception of danger is often good sense in action.

3.  Research the area or areas you are planning to visit. By becoming familiar with local traditions and customs, as well as the general layout and language, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from the area. Knowledge is security. Make an effort to contact other students who will be traveling to the same destination. Often, just knowing someone you will be traveling with provides some protection. Additionally, getting in touch with previous participants about their experiences can alleviate anxiety of the unknown.

4.  Try to blend in with your new culture. Foreign tourists are often the targets of pickpockets, thieves, and other predators. In addition, some cultures have a growing anti-American sentiment. Try to adopt a demeanor in keeping with your environment. Avoid looking or acting overtly “American.” By avoiding overly flashy/name-brand clothing, boisterous behavior and loud conversations that draw attention to your nationality, you also avoid making yourself an obvious target.

5.  When possible, don’t travel alone. Try to schedule walks to the bus stop or school, as well as longer weekend travels, with a friend or more experienced traveler. Another strategy is to ask a local contact, chaperone, or faculty member to accompany you, whether you are traveling alone or in a group. There is safety in numbers.

6.  Build rapport with the faculty and staff of AMBEX. Make your travel plans clear and maintain contact in the event of an emergency. AMBEX is charged with the safety of its students and, if an accident, national incident, or natural disaster occurs, AMBEX will be able   to inform your parents and home institution of your whereabouts.

7.  Communicate with your friends and family. Make them aware of your location. Events often appear on the television that cause loved ones to worry. If they know your proximity to the events, they are less likely to worry. Do be cautious, however, of remaining overly dependent on your contacts back home. You are in Germany to experience life abroad; constant communication with friends and family “back home” to the exclusion of those you meet overseas is a grave disservice to yourself and the program. Step out of your shell and experience what AMBEX has to offer.

8.  Be familiar with health concerns for the area in which you’re traveling. Be sure that your immunizations are current and that you seek and follow local advice about what activities and food are safe and what is best avoided. Also, be sure that your insurance coverage is current and adequate for the region in which you are traveling.

9.  Prepare for eventualities. Make sure you familiarize yourself with local emergency numbers and locations of important facilities, such as hospitals and firehouses, in the country you are traveling.

10. If you feel your destination is dangerous, don’t go. Whether that is prior to departing the U.S. or while preparing for a weekend trip in Europe, it is safer          to err on the side of caution. Be especially careful of traveling to regions experiencing civil or national conflict. The same advice goes for specific places while you are in Germany. If someone invites you to a place that looks or feels dangerous, make your apologies and stay home. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry and your parents will appreciate your discretion.


Firearms and other types of weapons, including toy weapons and “look-alike weapons,” are not allowed on AMBEX property.  This prohibits the possession, use or threatened use, of firearms, ammunition, explosives, knives, or other objects designed for and capable of causing death, incapacitation, or serious physical injury.  Any weapons found on campus will be confiscated and destroyed. Additionally, students traveling abroad face serious federal charges for transporting lethal weapons.

If a student wishes to purchase a weapon (such as a knife or sword) as a souvenir, AMBEX recommends that the item be shipped by store where the item was purchased. Smaller items may be returned to the U.S. aboard a passenger plane only if tightly stowed in checked baggage with no possibility for in-flight retrieval.


Residence Services


Philosophy Of Residence Life

AMBEX attempts to provide a pleasant atmosphere for study, for general living, and for spiritual growth.  The degree to which this will be accomplished is primarily dependent upon the contribution each person is willing to make toward developing that kind of atmosphere.  Galatians 5:13 tells us that Christians are to serve one another in love. We are also committed to responsible freedom.  Rights and privileges of adulthood are accompanied by the responsibilities these rights and privileges provide.  You are responsible for your actions and to live within the guidelines and policies.


Location and Facilities

The AMBEX campus is situated in Regensburg Germany, on the melodious Danube River near the geographical and economic center of Europe.  By car, this beautiful, medieval 2000-year-old Roman city is only 2.5 hours from Prague (Hus) and one hour from the beautiful and historic cities of Munich and Nurnberg (Albrecht Durer) and Austria.


Despite its well-preserved 2,000-year heritage, Regensburg is an energetic, prosperous town of 142,000 with a major university (16,000 students) that gives a lively boost to the cultural and entertainment scene. Best of all, Regensburg is off the main American and British tourist circuit, so you’ll feel that you’re visiting “the real Germany”–at least until you see KFC and the McDonald’s arches beneath a traditional Bavarian sign that reads “Zum Goldenen M.”

“Regensburg is the most perfectly preserved Romanesque and Gothic city in Germany”—and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Residence Hall – Student Hostel  ‘You are now entering the mission field”


Comfortable, clean and secure, AMBEX’s residence hall is quintessentially European. Male and female students are housed in separate rooms in the recently remodeled Regensburg Youth Hostel.  This facility is staffed and supervised by qualified German managers who speak fluent English.  In addition AMBEX has either the Director and/or the Student Life Coordinator on the premises while school is in session and is available for counseling should academic, personal, or spiritual problems arise.  The AMBEX staff works together to develop and maintain an atmosphere conducive to the goals of residential living.

Room Assignments:  We reserve the right to reassign individuals to different quarters if such reassignments seem necessary.


Resident Responsibilities


All German Youth/Student Hostels have published and posted House Rules “Haus Ordnung”.

In addition to the German House Rules AMBEX raises the bar by stating courtesy hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Always be considerate of others’ sleeping and studying schedules. Additional courtesy guidelines will be determined by the Resident Director.

Signing In/Out:  If you plan to be absent from the residence hall overnight, you must let an AMBEX Staffer know.

Guests:  You are responsible for any guests you invite to stay in the residence halls. Please make sure your guests are registered with the youth hostel and check with the AMBEX Staff regarding potential scheduling conflicts. Extended visits are discouraged and the AMBEX reserves the right to ask any guest to leave the resident hall/campus at any time. Guests will need to cover their own lodging/meals and expenses. As a host or hostess, it is your responsibility to acquaint your guests with the rules and regulations of AMBEX.

Visitors:  Members of the opposite sex are to remain in the lobby or designated lounges unless the Resident Director clearly posts exceptions for special social events or for special hours of visitation.


Residence Hall Care

Treating the residence hall with respect and care and keeping it presentable is the responsibility of each student.

Personal Property:  You assume responsibility for your personal property.  AMBEX is not responsible for loss by fire or theft.

Privacy:  Each student’s privacy should be honored as much as possible; therefore no one should enter another’s room without permission.  When there is reason to believe that AMBEX’s policies are being violated, Student Life and the Resident Director may enter and search a room, preferably in the presence of its occupant(s).  This includes room health and welfare checks by residence hall staff and safety checks.

Room Care:  The occupants of each room are responsible for keeping their room neat and clean.  Rooms need to be presentable at all times.  Room checks will be done at the discretion of residence hall staff members.  A fine will be charged for any room damage that occurs.  A messy room may result in a fine, as will fire code violations.


ATM Machine

Several ATMs (Bankautomat/en) are located near campus. Generally, a maximum of 300 Euros can be accessed per day. Check with your home institution prior to departure for exact details.



It is required that students will bring their own laptops (check with manufacturer for a Europe Kit/tools needed for foreign access, including converters, adaptors, and surge protectors). A wireless network will be made available in the residence hall. In addition, a printer is available for printing needs.

Residence:  The following suggestions will aid in safeguarding your equipment and data, as well as preventing potential problems:

•   User account owners are responsible to take all reasonable precautions in

protecting passwords and personal account information.

•   Use a system password to prevent others from using your computer without permission.

•   Use a virus scan program regularly and keep the virus definitions up to date.

•   Make regular backups of important data files.

•   Make sure your laptop has dual 110/240 voltage and use a surge protector, as

the European electrical system differs greatly from the American system and

can cause disruption, even when using a converter.


Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to assist you in your personal growth and in problem solving, especially as you learn to cope with culture shock and home sickness.  Individual counseling can help you make important decisions, gain insight into your personal qualities, and learn to cope more effectively with the demands and difficulties of college life.  Short-term on-campus counseling services are provided at no cost to the student.  A student may be referred to an appropriate off-campus counselor or agency for psychological tests or further consultation at the expense of the student.  Information for setting appointments is available in the Student Life Office.  All visits are confidential except when behavior is self-destructive, hazardous to others, or involves a significant legal issue in which AMBEX is obligated to uphold the law.


Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)

AMBEX complies with the amended federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) in the maintenance of records. Educational records of the student maintained by AMBEX may be made available only to members of the AMBEX staff or the student’s home institution who have a legitimate professional need for the material.  FERPA was amended is designed to protect the privacy of student records.  Students have the right to review all of their educational records and to challenge the content of a record they believe to be inaccurate or misleading.

Students are advised that the U.S. Federal Government considers the following information as “directory information”: the student’s name, photograph, campus and home address, class standing, enrollment status, telephone number and e-mail address, date and place of birth, major field(s) of study, participation in college activities and sports, degrees and awards/honors received, previous schools attended, dates of attendance, denominational or religious preference, and weight and height of members of athletic teams. Although directory information may be released to third parties, such as in news releases, AMBEX will make every effort to protect the privacy of students and reserves the right to withhold directory information from third parties as it deems appropriate. Students may request that directory information not be released to third parties.  To make such a request, send a signed, dated statement to Student Life.

Non-directory information, such as grade records, is released to third parties only at the written request of the student.  Custodial parent(s) of dependent students have access to the student’s records.


Groceries and Shopping—The Student Hostel is within walking distance to numerous retail shops and food stores including a modern shopping mall.

Unlike American grocery stores, many German grocers are closed on Sundays. Remember to plan personal eating habits around these closures as well as class schedules, church obligations, and weekend travels.


Health Care

Students traveling abroad must show proof of receiving a TB test within one year of their return to the United States.


Health Insurance

You will be required to purchase international health and liability insurance through Corban University as part of your admission to AMBEX.

AMBEX assumes no responsibility for injuries which occur while you are using its facilities or equipment, nor for injuries occurring in classes, during school or extra-curricular activities, nor while taking part in ministry assignments.  You are required to sign a liability release at the time of registration.



Wireless connectivity is available free of charge while at the Regensburg Student Inn. The German library, University and many cafes also have terminals at a nominal cost.  Most other lodging facilities require you to pay out of pocket for WiFi.


There are no Kitchen Facilities (for simple food preparation).  If you have food in your room remember to

1.  Clean up after yourself.

2.  You may purchase snacks and food but they must be properly stored (in plastic containers, sealed baggies, aluminum foil, or manufacture-boxed and sealed).

3.  It is not allowed to take/sneak food out of the dining room for later consumption.



Pay-as-you-go laundry facilities are on the premises but may require flexibility around peak times of use. Washing and drying a large load costs $7.00.



Several library facilities with limited English language selections include Regensburg University and the local library.


Lost and Found

Check in the Student Life Office for lost items.  At the end of each academic term, unclaimed items are given to a local charity.



Residence hall room maintenance is scheduled as requested. Contact the Resident Director with your concerns.



The Regensburg Youth Hostel RYH is contracted to provide meals.  Snacks and beverages may be purchased and consumed outside the dining facility but please remember to clean up after yourself.



If you need photocopies, you can have them made in the Student Life office or use the self-service copier.  Black and white copies cost ten cents each (ten cents for specialty paper; color .25c.


Post Office

The nearest Postal facility is located nearby. The Post Office sells postage stamps (75 cents-Euro.  You can also send personal packages.  If you receive a parcel from the USA, it may be subject to customs/tax.



AMBEX prohibits solicitation on its premises by students, individuals or groups except when authorized by Student Life.  We prohibit distribution of any form of printed material that could be construed as a solicitation.


Student Life Services

The Student Life Coordinator can help you with questions regarding housing, transportation, health services, counseling services, student activities, chapel, CCS, and other matters.


Student Accounts

Business services include student account information and settlement. Students are expected to be financially responsible in meeting their obligations to AMBEX. No transcripts will be issued until the account is paid.



Public transportation is readily available and very timely in Germany. Bus service is available between 6 a.m. and approximately 10 p.m. Bus schedules are available through the Regensburg youth hostel reception.

For longer distances, train and air travel are easily accessible.

European car rentals generally require the driver to be at least 25 years of age and hold a valid international driver’s license.  AMBEX discourages students from driving in Europe (see above).


AMBEX owns several bicycles that may be used over the course of the semester.  Students must first pass  the AMBEX bicycle safety course.


Residence Hall Safety

Doors and Locks:  It is a serious infraction of security to tamper with any door to keep it from shutting or locking.  It is wrong to jeopardize the security of any resident.  This includes leaving a door propped open for exit and re-entry.  Therefore, tampering with doors or locks is prohibited.  Violations of this rule will result in a fine.  Unauthorized possession or use of a residence hall key may result in dismissal.

Keys:  The security of individual student rooms is the responsibility of resident students.  We strongly urge you to keep your room door locked whenever you are out of the room or sleeping.  If you lose your keys, notify the AMBEX Staff immediately.  You assume financial responsibility for key and lock replacement.

Closed Areas:  Because of health, safety, and maintenance concerns, there are certain areas of the residence hall which are off-limits to students.  Rooftops, outside ledges and fire escapes (other than in case of fire) are not open areas.  For the safety of pedestrians and the appearance of the grounds surrounding the residence halls, nothing is to be thrown to or from residence hall windows or roofs. Throwing inside the buildings is also prohibited.

Sales and Solicitation:  For the protection and privacy of students and to prevent the interruption of studies, solicitation on AMBEX property is prohibited without permission of the Resident Director or Director of Residence Life.  If you encounter a solicitor or salesperson, please report it to the AMBEX Staff right away.  All deliveries must be made to the lobby area.

Fire Alarms:  If there is a fire, the fire alarm should be sounded and the building evacuated.  False alarms involve the local fire department and are disruptive, expensive and dangerous.  Anyone initiating them will be fined $350 or more if charged by the fire department.

Fires and Building Evacuation:  Residence Life staff is required to evacuate a building when the fire alarm is activated or when an emergency evacuation is ordered.  All persons inside a residence hall during a fire alarm or emergency evacuation are required to leave the building immediately.  When an alarm has been sounded or an emergency evacuation has been ordered, follow these guidelines when possible:


1.  Leave room lights on.

2.  Close room windows and door.

3.  Wear shoes and carry or wear a coat.

4.  Don’t panic, but move quickly outside the building away from the structure to designated meeting areas.

5.  Do not use elevators as exit routes. Use stairwells or fire escape ladders only.

6.  If you are in immediate danger, GET OUT!


Residence hall procedures for fire alarms or other emergencies are presented during residence hall meetings at the beginning of the term.  Failure to respond to a fire alarm or to the Residence Director’s request for evacuation may result in disciplinary action.





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