Each student’s cost to attend AMBEX varies somewhat, depending on individual circumstances. These include personal spending, independent travel, etc. Your actual cost of attendance is the balance after financial aid is applied.

Please keep in mind that federal financial aid & loans are fully transferable & that AMBEX offers additional scholarship funding based on financial need.
Semester Costs – Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Tuition (12 to 17 credits) $15,490
Room & Board (excluding Independent Travel Weeks) $5,180
International Health Insurance $55
Fees $330
Total  $21,055


  • Tuition includes all Academic tour weeks and day-trips.
  • Room & Board includes lodging and meals. Expenses during Independent Travel Weeks are not included.
  • Insurance includes extensive supplemental International Health & Liability coverage.
  • Fees fund museum entrance fees, services, technology, internet usage at the Regensburg Student Inn and student life activities.


Estimated Semester Costs Not Paid to AMBEX

Air Fare (Round Trip) ca. $750 – $1,200
Personal Expenses & Independent European Travel $1,500 – $2,500
Total (Not Paid to AMBEX) $2,250 – $3,700


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