Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at AMBEX are selected on the basis of their spiritual maturity (1 Timothy 3), life experience and gift of teaching. They meet regional accreditation standards. More than lectures, AMBEX instructors are ministers at heart—concerned with each student’s life and sole matters. AMBEX associates are humble servants, committed and accountable to the Word of God and numerous overseers.

Fully qualified professors come from Christian colleges, seminaries and like-minded churches in the U.S. Others with similar qualifications have lived and served in Europe for many years as English and German speaking pastors, missionaries, and businessmen. They bring a rich European perspective to an AMBEX education and disciplinary process.

Faculty Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree or higher in teaching/subject area. (80% have PhD’s)
  • Strong résumé—education, experience, references, etc.
  • Gifted teaching skills
  • Spiritual leaders (1 Timothy 3, Titus 2)

Staff members include a Director, Student Life Coordinator, Host Nation Assistants, Cleaning and Maintenance personnel. All share the same vision and pursuit for AMBEX.

Introducing our Staff

Gerald T. Orr

Kelley Orr

Introducing Our Professors

Geography of Central Europe (Social Science elective)
Gerald T. Orr
Christian Worldview & Apologetics (Philosophy)
Tim L. Anderson Ph.D., Professor of Bible and Theology
Samuel Baker
Ed.D., Associate Professor of Student & Family Ministries
Greg Trull
Ph.D., Dean of Ministries, Professor of Biblical Studies
Gary W. Derickson
Ministries Division Chair

Theology of Reformation (Theology II)
Gregg Quiggle
Professor of Theology
Greg Behle
Professor of Christian Education
Patrick Blewett
Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Kent Kersey
Associate Professor of Ministries
Steve Casselli
Art History
Grant Horner Associate Professor of English
Colette G. Tennant
Professor of English
John Wilson
Associate Professor of Humanities
Jay Casbon
Professor of Education
Modern German Literature
Jim Hills
Professor of Humanities
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoeller: Leaders of the Confessing Church and Models of Courage
Scot D. Bruce
Assistant Professor of History
John B. Scott
Assistant Professor of History
Christian Ethics: Confronting Hitler and the Problem of Evil in World War II

John B. Scott
Assistant Professor of History


Western Civilization

Instructor TBD


Art History

Instructor TBD


English Literature
Grant Horner



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