Health and Safety

AMBEX staff are always available to assist students in any emergency situation. AMBEX maintains contingency plans to handle all types of emergencies, medical or otherwise. AMBEX monitors all U.S. State Department travel advisories and follows all recommendations they issue. Health and accidental emergencies are covered by the comprehensive traveler’s insurance package provided by Brotherhood Mutual insurance which is required as part of your admission.  In the event of an emergency demanding medical attention, hospitals are accessible 24 hours a day in all AMBEX program cities.

Emergency Contacts

AMBEX recommends that students use their parents as their emergency contacts. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, all information will be distributed to parents. Be sure to provide your emergency contacts and your home institutions with your correct contact information abroad.


All AMBEX students will be required to enroll in the Brotherhood Mutual Overseas insurance plan. AMBEX Enrollment Advisors will enroll students in this health insurance for an additional fee, which will appear on the student’s invoice. For more information contact a AMBEX enrollment advisor at