Location & Facilities

REGENSBURG (home of AMBEX), one of Germany’s oldest ancient Roman settlements is located in beautiful Bavaria on the Danube River near Munich (1 hr), Nuernberg (1 hr)  Austria (1hr) and Czech Republic (1.5hr).

Despite its well-preserved 2,000-year heritage, Regensburg is an energetic, prosperous town of 142,000 with a major university (16,000 students) that gives a lively boost to the cultural and entertainment scene. Best of all, Regensburg is off the main American and British tourist circuit, so you’ll feel that you’re visiting “the real Germany”–at least until you see KFC and the Boston Coffee Company in old-town Regensburg.


“Regensburg is the most perfectly preserved Romanesque and Gothic city in Germany”—and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this relatively small, charming, conservative (pro-American) city, AMBEX students will have many opportunities to get acquainted with their German hosts—nearly all speak English.

AMBEX students will be living in a very clean, secure, well managed Student Inn aka Regensburg Youth Hostel on an island, in the middle of the Danube River, just a short walk to Old Town or a major modern shopping center.  Plentiful, nutritious meals (buffet style) — multiple cuisines e.g. Italian, Asian, German, French, etc.) are served at their attractive award winning dining hall.  The Student Inn also has indoor and outdoor recreation facilities/equipment as well as internet and laundry capabilities on site.

Regensburg Student Inn 'Youth Hostel' -- AMBEX has the end wing exclusively

The Student Inn also provides AMBEX with its own state-of-the-art classroom.

To ensure safety and 24-hour contact, AMBEX supplies each student with a cell phone while they attend the program. Students can load the phones with minutes to make outgoing calls.

Somewhat unique to study abroad programs in central Europe, AMBEX offers students opportunities to attend local churches & get involved with its own university-outreach to German students as well as short-term mission trips (German and/or English)—among Americans (military families) and/or Germans.


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