About Us

The Semester Abroad program is the principal ministry of AMBEX, providing classroom and off-site academic instruction built upon a rigorous God-centered curriculum that emphasizes a biblical worldview. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to deepen the students’ understanding of important theological truths toward a greater appreciation of the person and redemptive work of God and His creation.

AMBEX strives to enhance students’ ability to adequately defend and proclaim the Gospel and seeks to cultivate a global missions perspective as they experience European mindset and culture.

Having worked in education and lived in Germany for over 20 years previously, Gerald Orr was approached in 2006 by Dr. Bookman with a vision for a Christian Study Abroad program in Germany, the home of the Reformation.

After much planning, AMBEX was launched, and in 2007 Corban University announced their partnership, offering to anchor AMBEX and champion its Regional Accreditation (NWCCU).  Dr. Linda Samek, Provost was majorly instrumental in marshaling the proposal through Corban and NWCCU for successful implementation.
The first day of college at AMBEX began Jan. 12, 2008.  Our first nine students came from Corban University, Columbia International University, Moody Bible Institute, George Fox University and Eternity Bible College.
In the ensuing years AMBEX has educated and equipped hundreds of students and added nine colleges/universities to the consortium e.g. The Master’s College, BIOLA, Asbury, Cairn, Hope Int’l, Colorado Christian U., Trinity Int’l U., Grace College, Baptist Bible College and U. of Idaho.  Soon to be added: Cal Baptist, Seattle Pacific, Azuza Pacific.
AMBEX courses run sequentially in two week blocks.  Top tier professors come to AMBEX for two weeks at a time and live among the students.  When a course ends students start their independent “Study/Travel” week during which they prepare for the next professor/course while enjoying famous sites and ministries around Europe.
  • AMBEX serves to extend the mission of the local evangelical church and American colleges and universities.
  • AMBEX endeavors to help institutions and individuals see Europe as a mission field and work there-in.
  • AMBEX seeks to engage students in the culture through connections with the community, local church, universities.



See what Alumni have to say about AMBEX - Christian Study Abroad program.

Sarah Loomis – Point Loma University


It seems a tremendous task to recount what I have learned this semester, not because it is hard to remember, but because we have...

Karen Harriger, The Master’s College

On January 18, 2013 at 6:25 AM, my flight took off from Fresno-Yosemite International Airport bound for Munich, Germany. Like my journey toward reaching...

Aaron Thomasson, Columbia International University

“Fresh Bretzel, Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut, Regensburg, Bayern, Deutsche Bahn, historic cities, museums, Christkindlmarkt with cobblestone streets covered by snow, and new friends are just a few...