Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

AMBEX offers a great opportunity to earn credit towards your degree while living and studying in a foreign city. All AMBEX courses are fully accredited through Corban University ( and credits received are transferable to domestic universities. The AMBEX Enrollment Counselor is available help to guide students through all necessary steps they need to take with their home university to ensure that all credits are properly accepted and received by their home universities. Upon request, AMBEX will arrange for Corban University (its anchor school) to send all transcripts to both the student and their home university. If you have questions about any aspect of course credit transfer, contact the AMBEX Enrollment Counselor by calling the AMBEX office in Germany at: 011-49-9621-12354 or by emailing

Corban University Students and Credit Transfer

Follow this link to view a guide to the transfer of credits: ambex-credits

This generic worksheet should be considered a guide only; contact the Center for Global Engagement ( for specific details.

Course Credit Transfer Policy

The prescribed core curriculum at AMBEX means that all students take the same courses (15 semester credits) delivered in a modular/seminar/discipleship manner.  Exceptions to policy may be granted.

Recommended Credit Transfer Steps for All Students

  1. Obtain transfer credit approval before your departure

    Meet with your school’s study abroad/international office and or the registrar to begin the process. Your campus office will give you all necessary credit transfer pre-approval forms and instruct you on which departments you need to have them approved by. This will typically include your academic advisor, department chair, and possibly others. You will need to show detailed course descriptions for your chosen courses in order for your advisor to determine how much credit you will receive. College Registrars and/or AMBEX students may request course descriptions and syllabi to help sending colleges count/articulate AMBEX credit within their College Catalog. Each home university decides how AMBEX credits will count/articulate towards their student’s graduation plan.

    Once you have obtained pre-approval for your courses you are ready to go!

  2. Attend and pass your courses while abroad

    While abroad it is your responsibility to attend class, complete exams, and keep up your studies, as receiving credit will be based upon the evaluation of your AMBEX instructor(s) at the end of the term. Also, it is imperative that you keep all syllabi, books, class notes, homework, exams, and any other acquired course materials. Though students will receive transfer credit approval prior to leaving, these documents will be extremely important in the event of any discrepancies in credit transfer upon return to your home university.

  3. Receive your foreign transcript

    Upon completion of the program, AMBEX will arrange for Corban University to send your official transcript/certificate to your home university’s registrar and/or your postal address. Once your home university receives and processes your transcript, your credits will appear on your transcript.


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